GIMP: gimp (gimp)
1. a ribbonlike, braided fabric
2. fighting spirit; vigor
3. a lame person
4. slang; a halting, lame walk
5. to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically

The GIMP Project




For Booking and more information
please contact

Ivan Sygoda

Director of Pentacle (DanceWorks, Inc.)
t: 212-278-8111 ext. 300


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In Brief

An extraordinary landscape of limbs…eloquent, absent, truncated, nimble, crooked, prosthetic, sublime!…an evening of unexpected movement portraits.

Choreographer Heidi Latsky presents a roster of performers who embody unique physical virtuosity. Outstanding technique, raw beauty and the physical poetry of risk- taking, propel the artists and the audience into the collective unknown.

GIMP examines the uncompromising ways we are often identified or defined by our physicality; an elegant landscape of portraits, illuminating limbs to accentuate uncommon beauty, mystery and grace; the ways in which our bodies support and rebel.

GIMP confronts the audience with their preconceptions, challenging us to re-think accepted notions about dance, performance and body image. An exploration, that dives into the heart of difference, voyeurism and the unexpected.

  • The Pedigree of Bill T. Jones
  • The Lyrical Virtuosity of Heidi Latsky
  • The Shattering of Stereotypes

An unparalleled opportunity to spark dialogue and community engagement
In addition to the artistry on stage, you get:

  • A diversity of articulate voices (a ready- made panel discussion)
  • A genre-shattering showcase of cutting edge disability film
          (no handkerchief necessary, no heroism required!)
  • A choreographer who is also a degreed psychologist
  • A national disability advocate and lecturer
  • A choreographer celebrated for setting work on local dancers
  • A dancer with expertise working with HIV communities